Small batch, natural skincare…for social good.

In a world that tells women to be safe, small, and insecure, we’re here to tell you to be and embrace who you are.

Accessible Healing - From the Inside Out

100% Natural

Live Ingredients

Each of our products contains at least one live ingredient, which means it hasn’t been distilled, preserved, extracted, or altered in any other way. In other words: in its most natural, potent, and effective form

Non Nano Zinc Oxide icon - Dèfii Botanical products are made with live and locally sourced ingredients

Made in the US

While some of our products are sourced internationally for the sake of preserving indigenous supply chains, our products are hand made in the US within 1-3 months of arriving on your doorstep. We continue to build relationships that honor native sources of our ingredients.


From every individual ingredient, to the packaging we put them in, our products are designed to help you care for yourself — from the inside out. This means all natural, non-toxic, and never made with preservatives.

Small Batch

Each Dèfii product is made in small batches to ensure our quality standards are met. What does this mean for you? We formulate, test, produce, package, and ship every order ourselves.

echinacea icon  - Dèfii Botanical products are made with live and locally sourced ingredients

Social Good

It’s more than skincare. Dèfii exists to dismantle systems that disproportionately affect women, to create a more accessible, equitable, and supportive world for women around the world. 

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