Our Mission

We envision a world where women are cared for—by themselves, each other, and society. We believe women will lead the global movement of defying the status quo, but only if they have self-respect and support each other


Unlike many other “natural” products, none of our products contain preservatives, emulsifiers, or stabilizers. This means you’ll want to use them within 6 months, and that texture/taste may vary if stored incorrectly. We always recommend storing our products in a cool, dry place. 

Believe it or not, preservatives like Citric Acid, emulsifiers like Polysorbate, and stabilizers such as carrageenan are often included in products labeled and marketed as natural or healthier alternatives. Just because an additive was derived from natural ingredients, doesn’t mean you want it on your skin! Look for ingredients included in their most whole form, instead (like our Salve)

Live Ingredients

Each of our products uses at least one live ingredient. Here’s what that means: 

A live ingredient is one that hasn’t been distilled, preserved, extracted, or altered in any other way. In other words: we use it in its most natural, potent, and effective form. 

For example: Our Cleanse Products include things like raw papaya, raw avocado, activated charcoal and Hawaiian rain water.  



Our products are formulated with efficacy in mind. Which means, we don’t make just anything. Each of our products has intended effects, and we formulate produce recipes with consideration for each ingredient’s benefits.

Small Batch

Our products are produced in small batches in Hawaii, which allows us to ensure the quality of every single item you use.

avocado icon - Dèfii Botanical products are made with live and locally sourced ingredients

Made By Hand

AKA: real humans. Our team makes, bottles, and ships every single product. Notice that your soap is a slightly different shape than last time? It probably is. Slight imperfections and inconsistencies in products (especially when they were produced in different batches) is normal.