Founders' Favorites

Moisturizing Salve$15.00 USD$34.00 USD

Our signature product, the Moisturizing Salve is perfect for treating acute skin conditions.

Body Butter$11.00 USD$26.00 USD

This rich and luscious moisturizer is perfect for restoring dry skin.

“The moisturizing lip balm does its job in an exceptionally great way. There are very few times where I feel like I have to reapply within the hour. The flavor was amazing, overall effectiveness exceeded expectations. All the natural ingredients are what make this product stand out from the rest all”

“I have auto immune disorders so I am very careful about what I use on my skin because I can’t have chemicals and toxins entering my blood stream. I love how pure and natural the ingredients are! Everything is living and rich in vitamins. My favorite soaps are the calendula, papaya and oatmeal. The scents are incredible. I feel good about using the charcoal soap on my baby when she is sick to help rid her body of illness”

“The honey vanilla lip butter is incredible and it tastes delicious too! You can feel the love element that was put into the its creation in the same way that you can taste the love in a home cooked meal! The coconut soap has kept my skin hydrated and it has as very pleasantly quaint scent”

Our Story

We envision a world where women are cared for — by themselves, each other, and society.


Throughout her life, Catalina witnessed the transformative power of change and the importance of embracing it. She saw how a flawed system could disproportionately impact women, leaving many to grapple with adversity and feel unsupported. This inequity resonated with her, and her personal experiences only intensified her resolve to advocate for the multitude of women still bearing the burden of societal constraints.


As time went on, Catalina and her husband confronted their own metamorphosis in the form of fertility challenges. This arduous journey led them to reexamine their lifestyle and underscored the significance of natural, holistic care. She realized that a myriad of women, like herself, were not equipped with the knowledge and resources to access natural products – and they couldn't disregard how this lack of access was yet another obstacle preventing women from reclaiming their power and resilience.


By embracing transformation and change, Catalina found new ways to advocate for women's empowerment, enabling them to overcome societal barriers and achieve their full potential.

Paul found a much-needed release from the high-stress world of performance cars in crafting natural products that support our health, and after experiencing the pull to leave the world better that comes with parenthood, we knew we needed to defy the status quo with small batch products that stand for and support social change. 

Our Act of Defiance

What makes us different

All Natural, Naturally

No need to question whether ‘natural’ products are actually good for you. Dèfii products contain only ingredients you can pronounce…and even eat! (Although we recommend you don’t).

Safe Sophistication

You shouldn’t have to risk exposure to get an elevated product. We’re moving natural skincare away from farmers’ markets and health food stores, making them not only more accessible, but also more appealing.

An Inside Job

Self care is more than skin-deep. We’re replacing surface-level shows of worth with significance — both for yourself, and for women around the world.

Shop Routines

$53.00 USD$97.00 USD

For the woman who can’t seem to slow down. Who is always on the go, two steps ahead, and tackling #allthethings.

$41.00 USD$107.00 USD

For the woman who’s hard on herself. Who weathers extremes without knowing why, and who feels like she needs deep rest, a big hug, and fuel to keep her flame going.

$47.50 USD$103.00 USD

For the woman who was always too busy taking care of others that she’s never taken care of herself.

Not sure which Routine is right for you?
Meet Our Team

Catalina Patane, Co-Founder

Catalina is the spice that built Dèfii Botanicals to stand for more than skincare. You’ll find her jumping ahead on the meeting agenda, making quick, confident decisions, and challenging those around her to change for the better. It’s her fierce belief in what women deserve that allows Dèfii to make a difference in how society supports us. Her background in transformational coaching and catalyst for change infuses Dèfii with deeper meaning.

Paul Patane, Co-Founder

Paul is the science behind the Dèfii Botanicals brand. You’ll find him finessing our next product formulation, researching a new infusion technique, or explaining the benefits of live ingredients. It’s his dedication to doing things right that allows Dèfii to stand behind our quality, safety, and efficacy promises. His decade-long background in automotive mechanics blends seamlessly with Dèfii’s measured approach to producing only the purest of products — and ultimately, nature is what provided a release from high-stress performance cars.