Maintain Routine

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For the woman who can’t seem to slow down. Who is always on the go, two steps ahead, and tackling #allthethings.

  • The Papaya Soap is made with shea butter, sesame oil, and fresh papaya, which promote skin replenishment. It’s perfect for the person who needs consistent support to keep going. Its exfoliating properties and sweet smell make it great for a daily routine.
  • The Body Oil is made with hempseed oil, jojoba oil, and calendula flowers, which promote soothing and light moisturizing. It’s perfect for ongoing use and maintenance. Its smooth texture and lightness make it an easy addition to a fast-paced morning routine.
  • The Day Time Tea is made with hibiscus, lemon verbena, and lemon balm, which promote internal movement. It’s perfect for anyone looking for digestive support. Its botanic taste, good hot or cold, makes it a hydrating addition to your everyday activities.

Every one of our products — including all those in your routine — features at least one live ingredient, and is made in small batches in the US.

The Maintain routine is designed to support you from the inside out with learning that to be the person you want to be, you have to sneak in moments of self care when you can. It’ll help you prioritize being proud of who you are, so you can show up in all your power.

Use the Maintain routine if you’re not willing to give up your fast pace, but you also know that if you’re going to sustain, you need to support yourself along the way.

DISCLAIMER: Our products are made by hand. AKA: real humans. Our team makes, bottles, and ships every single product. Notice that your soap is a slightly different shape than last time? It probably is. Label a tiny bit crooked? Yep, it happens. Slight imperfections and inconsistencies in products (especially when they were produced in different batches) is normal. Thanks for shopping small!