Nourish Routine

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For the woman who’s hard on herself. Who weathers extremes without knowing why, and who feels like she needs deep rest, a big hug, and fuel to keep her flame going.

  • The Avocado Soap is made with avocado oil, fresh avocado, and shea butter, which promote supple skin for those aging, healing, or just looking for a little extra comfort. It’s perfect for a person seeking more rest and recovery. Its soft cleansing and fresh smell make it a rejuvenating addition to a relaxing daily routine.
  • The Body Butter is made with calendula-infused coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and beeswax, which promote skin nourishment. It’s perfect for those whose skin is often exposed to the elements. Its buttery texture and crisp smell make it a perfect addition to a lifestyle in need of a little slowing down.
  • The Lip Balm is made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax, which promote natural lip health and healing. It’s perfect for someone who wants more than a quick swipe, but wants to seal their lips throughout the day. Its thick and smooth texture and warm cocoa smell make it a delicious treat for those seeking richness.

Every one of our products — including all those in your routine — features at least one live ingredient, and is made in small batches in the US.

The Nourish routine is designed to support you from the inside out with learning that to be the person you want to be, you have to consistently care for your deepest desires.

Use the Nourish routine to love yourself without needing a reason, and to show up whole and healthy. 

DISCLAIMER: Our products are made by hand. AKA: real humans. Our team makes, bottles, and ships every single product. Notice that your soap is a slightly different shape than last time? It probably is. Label a tiny bit crooked? Yep, it happens. Slight imperfections and inconsistencies in products (especially when they were produced in different batches) is normal. Thanks for shopping small!